Foundation History

The Sea Power League of the Republic of Korea was founded in 1997 by 300 retired Navy, Marine officers and representatives from maritime, fishery, national assembly and academic circles as a non-profit, non governmental organization.

The Sea Power League of the Republic of Korea officially registered and certified with the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries in January 1997.

Mission Charter

● To educate the Korean people with regard to the “Sea-Loving” mind
● To improve and strengthen the ties among Civilian Citizens, Goverment and Navy
● To provide support to development of Korean Maritime Forces, Fishery and Naval Forces
● To educate, enculturate and promote the Korean people with regard to Dokdo and Marine territory
● To educate and train our youth with regard to the role of sea power

National Organization


Vice President

Maritime Industry


Ship Building

Navy / Marine



Women Society

Secretary General


Public Relations

External Affairs


Regional Leagues

Regional Leagues founded in Busan, Inchen, Gyeongnam, Yeosu Kwangyang, Donghae and Jeju.


Individual Membership

- Any Korean citizen interested in sea power or supporting our sea services is eligible for membership.
- Membership fees

● Regular Individual Membership 100,000 Won per annum
● Life Membership 300,000 Won

Corporate Membership

- Corporate Membership is eligible for legal entity and incorporated company who is willing to support Korean Sea Power League.
- Membership fees

● Corporate Membership 2,000,000 Won per annum

National Officers


  • Choi Yoon Hee

    ROK joint Chiefs Staff

National Advisor

  • Kwon Young Hae

    Former Minister of National Defense

  • Kim Young Suk

    Former Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries

  • Kim Jae Chul

    C.E.O of Dong Won Group

  • Park Nam Choon

    Member of The National Assembly

  • Park Jae Ho

    Member of The National Assembly

  • Park Yong Ahn

    Honorary Professor at Seoul National University

  • Park Hyun Kyu

    Chairman of Korea Maritime Reserch Institute

  • Ahn Moon Taek

    Professor of Korea Maritime And Ocean University

  • Yoo Ki Joon

    Member of The National Assembly

  • Yoon Kwang Woong

    Former Minister of National Defense

  • Lee Sang hui

    Chairman of the board GreenLife / Former Minister of Science and Technology

  • Lee Jong Ho

    Former President of Korea Sea Power League

  • Lee Chul Kyu

    Member of The National Assembly

  • Jung Soon Won

    Member of Monetary Policy Committee of the Bank of Korea

  • Jung Eui Seung

    Chairman of Korea Institute For Maritime Strategy

  • Chung Tae Soon

    C.E.O of Sinokor Merchart Marine Co., Ltd

Vice Presidents

  • Kang Hyun Woo

    C.E.O of Dae Chang Steel

  • Kang Jun seok

    Chairman of Busan Sea Power League / Former President of Busan Port Authority

  • Kim Sung Chan

    National Advisor

  • Kim Young Kwan

    Standing adviser of PanStar Group

  • Ryu Yeong ha

    Former Director of the Korea Navigation Signage

  • Park Chan hyeon

    Former Central Regional Maritime Police Commissioner

  • Yoon Myung Gil


  • Im Jun taek

    President of National Federation of Fisheries Cooperatives

  • Jeong Yeong hun

    President of Korea Fisheries Association

  • Choi Hong yun

    President of Korean Naval OCS officer Association


  • Kang Suk Shim

    C.E.O of Hana Marine Co., Ltd.

  • Kang Ui Seon

    C.E.O of Wonil International Co., Ltd.

  • Kang Joong-Mook

    C.E.O of Dae Chang Steel Co., Ltd.

  • Kim Jaeg yun

    President of InCheon Port Authority / President of InCheon Sea Power League

  • Kim In Hyun

    Professor of Korea University

  • Kim Min jong

    Chairman of Korea Institute of Martime and Fisheries Technology

  • Kim Jun seok

    Chairman of Korea Ship Safety Technology Authority

  • Park Gyeongcheol

    Chairman of Korea Fisheries Infrastructure Promotion Association

  • Park Sung Jin

    C.E.O of SK-Tanker Co., Ltd.

  • Park In Sung

    C.E.O of In Sung Corp.

  • Yang Chang-Ho

    Vice Chairman of Korea Shipowers Association

  • Lee Kwon Hee

    Chairman of Korea Marine Officers Association

  • Lee Young Chul

    C.E.O of Hae Kum AD

  • Lee Je Myung

    Professor of Busan National University

  • Lee Hwan-ku

    Vice Chairman of the KSA

  • Lee Cook Jong

    General Surgeon/Trauma Surgeon

  • Lim Byung Kyu

    Chairman of Korea Shipping Association

  • Jang Dong Sik

    President of Daegyeong Management Co., Ltd.

  • Jun Young Ju

    President of Yoojon International Co., Ltd.

  • Jung Young Hun

    Chairman of Korea Fisheries Resources Agency

  • Cho Hyun Wook

    President of Aron Flying Ship Co., Ltd.

  • Cho Yong hwa

    Chairman of Korea Maritime Pilots Association

  • Choi Young Hak

    President of PanStar Enterprise Co., Ltd.

  • Choi Jong Sik

    President of R.O.K Navy Veterans Association

  • Chu Youn Gil

    C.E.O of Global GreenCo., Ltd.


    Wordroad Express CO., Ltd President&C.E.O


  • Lee Moon Young

    President of Lee Moon Young Tax Office

  • Jang Hyun-gil

    Representative Lawyer of Law Firm Hangil

Headquarters Staff

  • Moon Byungok

    Secretary General |